66th Emmys: Hooray for Jim Parsons, Enough already with Breaking Bad

My friends seem to be evenly split on The Big Bang Theory. While I understand why people would rather not give any Chuck Lorre show their time after Two and a Half Men, I am solidly in the pro-Bang camp. I’m not even phased that the leads managed to negotiate million-per-episode paydays, even though that’s an obscene amount of money; this is in large part because Jim Parsons seems not just insanely talented but so earnestly sweet and unassuming. Plus, given his Texas experimental theater background, if anyone deserves outsize compensation, it’s him. (Johnny Galecki is pretty easy to root for, too.)

Anyway, good for Jim Parsons. I had the pleasure of attending a taping of BBT back in 2010 (the Hot Troll Deviation episiode), which was shortly after Parsons received his first Emmy for playing Sheldon Cooper. During the scene in Sheldon’s office where Raj had snuck in the “Brobdingnagian” desk, Parsons flubbed a line a couple of times (probably the word Brobdingnagian–?) and after a couple of flubs, some wise guy on the crew handed Parsons his Emmy to subtly encourage him to get the line right. Parsons was super good-natured and funny about it, which made me like him even more.

In other Emmy news, enough with Breaking Bad already. These are (probably?) the last Emmys they will win, and they probably deserve it. I stopped watching after season 3. I have been meaning to catch up, especially after it turned out that class I took this year on the TV drama pilot was really mostly a class on the Breaking Bad pilot, but after a certain point in Walter White’s descent it  just doesn’t sound like that much fun.

My beef is not that Breaking Bad is underserving, but that True Detective is so deserving. Any year Breaking Bad was not taking its final bows, Detective would sweep every prize.  The trouble with an anthology format is there’ll be no victory lap for Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in a few years when the Academy gets around to realizing how brilliant the show is.  (Even Breaking Bad did not win its first Outstanding Drama Emmy until last year.) I hope there’s still time for writer/creator Nic Pizzolatto to fill his mantle; he recently said he can’t envision the show lasting more than three seasons. At least Cary Fukunaga won–he directed every episode!

Usually the Emmys prompt me to add a few shows to my to-watch list, but this year, I feel like I’m in good shape. I’ve been binging on The Good Wife this month (just like Steve Ballmer), so Steve and I were ahead of the curve for the Julianna Margulies win. Fargo was easily the best thing I’ve seen this summer, so I was cheering for its award, as well.

(Mainly, I am just really pleased that Mama’s Family season 5 is finally coming out on DVD, so maybe judge the foregoing accordingly.)

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