Best Vegan Brunch Los Angeles: Locali

Badass Breakfast Sandwich from Locali

Badass Breakfast Sandwich from Locali

It may not be the prettiest breakfast sandwich on the block, but it sure packs a lot of flavor, and it travels well. Locali Hollywood is, frankly, a strange place. Billing themselves as “conscious convenience,” it’s one stop shopping for your animal-friendly, earth-friendly convenience store needs. So, you can get a pint of hemp ice cream, a toothbrush, some vegan condoms (I had not even realized that was a thing), or a sandwich. They also have a Bitcoin ATM. (?) But the service is some of the best in L.A.; all of the folks who work there are really pleasant and helpful. Sometimes they will even offer you smoothie samples if you stay to eat.

Another view of the Badass Breakfast Sandwich from Locali

Another view of the Badass
Breakfast Sandwich from Locali

The Badass Breakfast Sandwich (or, technically, according to their menu, the “Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich”) is the headline attraction for breakfast. It looks at first glance like a really healthy Egg McMuffin with cheese. You can tell it’s really healthy because it’s on a sprouted multigrain English Muffin. But then you notice there’s no egg, and everything else involved is fake. There’s a vegan sausage patty, Daiya cheddar, vegan chipotle mayonnaise, and maple syrup. (The maple syrup is probably real.)

I love this sandwich. I love the way the sweet maple syrup meets the spicy/savory chipotle mayo (although I usually ask them to go light on mayo. Because, you know, health.) If you are a junk food vegan like me, who’s vegan because of ethical considerations rather than an abiding love for salad, this is your new favorite breakfast.

Smore Cupcake from Locali

S’more Cupcake from Locali

At Locali, (“locally?”) breakfast is served all day, and they deliver, too. But if you’re not in quite the health-conscious state of mind that would inspire a craving for a vegan sausage patty covered in delicious synthetic liquid fat, I heartily recommend my second-favorite breakfast, a vegan cupcake. The little beauty pictured here is the S’more cupcake, and if I only ate those for the rest of my life, I would be totally happy. That’s chocolate and graham cracker sprinkled on top of marshmallow icing, and the non-icing part has an amazing rich chocolate center.

Locali also operates a location in Venice and downtown, which is called Localita & The Badasserie. (teehee!)

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