Hyperlapse experiments: Departing LAX, Landing at JFK

I’ve been eager to try Hyperlapse, the new video service from Instagram. I love time-lapse photography, and Hyperlapse makes it simple on an iPhone. The transcontinental flight yesterday seemed like a good opportunity to play with it; above, you can see the first 15 minutes of my flight out of LAX. It shows the city of Los Angeles from the air, starting over the Pacific ocean and traveling all the way to the desert, in a 10x time-lapse video that takes a minute and a half to watch.

I did the same thing for the final five minutes of the flight, which, at 10x, makes for a 25 second time-lapse video of the approach to JFK (the phone jumped out of my hand when the plane touched down, but in time-lapse, it’s much less jarring–though still noticeable.)

Finally, this one’s not time-lapse, but it’s really uncanny, and why should I be the only one creeped out? JFK has placed these… objects? in the arrivals terminal, which look like people, but even at a distance, you can tell something’s not quite right. When you get closer, you can see that they are life-size cutouts of flat translucent material, with a person projected on. At the end of the message, there’s a flicker where they reset, which you can see at the beginning of this video. Happy nightmares!

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